What is Angel Reading ?


Everybody is surround by angels and more…


The only thing that separates you is your own vibration, if your vibration is high you can see or hear the angel you connected with.

There are more than a million and maybe billion angels on earth, everyone has their own purpose and can you connect with your angel.
Through meditation the right food, theta healing can keep your vibration high.

If you have problems the angels give you the solution only
what you need to do is ask for the highest outcome give the problem to the angels and wait




The angels sign are a voice in your mind you channel information directlu in your brain
she speaks in symbols what you understand but not everybody is aware of in reading.



An example is someone gives you an angel book and you see coins on the ground ,white feathers are left on your path, through angel music through your dreams, white doves on your path, butterflies near by –tragedy or many doors that open coincidentally and much more.


The angels can help you with every problem that you have.

Sometime it can take time for the solution to happen in the right time patience is very important.
But there are also false angels that can make you angry, afraid, panicky the room feel ice-cold and much more.

By card reading or healing you stay open for guidance, support and you channel the information through the cards.



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