What is Chakra Healing?



There are 7 energy centers (Main Chakras)

  1. Base-color-red-location-base-of spine area affected the bones and lower back ( survive / material )

  2. Sacral-color-orange-location=sacrum on the spine area affected urine quality creativity energy taste it go over emotions

  3. Solar plexus –color-yellow-location=above the navel-area effected digestive system quality expansiveness a warm and joviality energy sight it go over power

  4. Heart-color-green area effected heart region quality relationships with others and self it go over love

  5. Throat-color blue location throat area affected throat and ears quality communications energy space it go over channeling

  6. Brow-color-indigo-location=between the eyebrows area effected the eyes and ears quality perceptions vision

  7. Crown-color violet location the crown of your head area effected your head quality divinity/creator the universe energy is light



Each individual chakra spins and looks as a mini tornado of swirling energies.

They are located in the etheric body if a chakra is blocked or stagnant then it may spin slowly or too quickly and can spin in the wrong direction.

All chakras transmit and receive energies.

If you heal or clean your chakras it give you more energy you can use for finding.

love / career / opportunity / abundance / health

Chakra healing is also good for opening your intuition and going into your natural psychic abilities to achieve your live goals
Good methods for cleansing your chakras include colour breathing /the 6 tibetan exercise.


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