What is Feng-Shui ?


What can feng-shui do for you?

Feng-Shui an ancient Chinese art that helps to create positive energy in people’s lives.
It creates happiness, love, luck, money and a good health !

Important for Feng-shui is someone using the Lo Pan and Pa Kua.
Yin & Yang Shades of color Working with numbers and directions, changes bad energy into positive energy with rituals


The five elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

One of the most important thing is change your intention and lifestyle by feng-shui and activating good energy
Good energy beginning with how you think and react on negativity.


When your vibration is high you activate good energy to attract what you want in your life, but bad karma in the past can influence you life also.
The Flying star is a compass formula from dimensions and of time can have an impact on your luck of money and health accident.

These Feng-shui forms come from Professor Thomas LIn Yun using a ba-gua on every room of your house and every direction has a meaning.

We have experience for many years in Feng-Shui.

Symbols used together with feng-shui creates great results !
We do feng-shui for business minded people and a lot of money has come into their life also into our own live.



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