88 Angel Miracle Wealth

About us

88 Angel Miracle Wealth provides on projects that are designed to help everyone to accomplish their goals.

By working close with the person we will be able to get a better understanding of their mindset and help them overcome obstacles.

One of the best things that we can do for others

Is to help them with their own healing process.

We offer services, support and natural healing products.

We aim to help personal development and spiritual healing.

Helping you overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges..

That impede overall health and happiness.

and create more joy, support & vitality in your life.

So you can live your true purpose !

We offer a wide range of personal & business transformational coaching, healing and special treatments.

We can help you by face to face, via Skype, or workshops & readings.

Our Skills

Feng-Shui 90
Theta – Healing 95
Numerology 85
Emotional Freedom Techniques 75
Quantum Physics 65
Angel Readings 75

Meet Our Team

Peter WeerninkOwner / Coach

I Have the determination and success to help everyone in their journey to an abundant and joyful life, and got love for people who want to improve their self.

Unstoppable and reach goals easily and will transform projects into a amazing work.
Successful is how we can really live our dreams as true spiritual human beings.

Join us and we teach you the way to succeed !

David Ben MayorOwner / Coach

I love helping to change peoples lives and always motivated to improve myself.
Studying all aspects of the human mind, to teach other aspiring intelligent people, I help many people with limiting beliefs so everyone is equally intelligent and they are striving for better things.

I have help people become awareness to open,  so they can have all a better results all around.

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